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Your New Hardwood Floor Needs to Get Used to Your House - Acclimatizing: Why Is It Important and How

You have chosen the right hardwood floor for your house, and you can’t wait to see it installed. But before installation, there is one more thing that has to be done You must allow time for the new wood to acclimatize to the environment. You may never have heard this before, but it is an important step to ensure all the cash you spent won’t go to waste.

What is Acclimatizing?

Essentially, it’s allowing the flooring time to adjust to the temperature and humidity levels in your home. Taking the time to acclimatize the boards first before the actual installation ensures they fit together properly, and the wood will be less affected by expansion and contraction that occurs as the seasons change. For proper acclimation to occur, the temperature and humidity of the hardwoods must match the temperature and humidity of the room they’re in.

How is the Process Done?

You won’t have to do anything special in order to allow the wood to acclimatize.

There are two ways to acclimate your hardwoods.

1. You can keep them inside of the boxes they come in, or

2. You can take them out of the boxes they come in.

1. Keep Hardwoods Inside of the Boxes

If you choose to keep the woods in their boxes, make sure you keep the ends of the boxes opened and lay the boxes across the floor throughout the room you wish to install. If you do not have enough space to lay the boxes out flat, you can stack them on top of one another. If you stack the boxes, try to stagger them to allow air to circulate. Leave it there for anywhere from three to five days. In that amount of time, the wood will adjust to the humidity level in the space.

2. Take Hardwoods Out of the Boxes

If you have space, take the individual boards out of their boxes and lay them on the floor preferably in the pattern you want them to be installed.

How do you know which method to use? It depends on the instructions that come with your particular grade and species of wood and the room you have available.

How to Acclimate Hardwood Flooring: Outside the Boxes

Does Acclimatizing Really Make That Much of a Difference?

While a lot of the deterioration treatment is already done to the wood before it arrives, acclimatizing your floor make the wood less subject to expanding to the point that buckling or shifting will occur later on.

Remember that a little patience will produce better results. In the years to come, the floor will wear well, look great, and be less likely to need anything other than cleaning.

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