• Rogerio Queiroz

Laminate Floor Cleaning and Care Tips

There's a lot of misinformation out there about how to care for and clean your laminate flooring especially when it comes to that haze issue. There are literally thousands of different styles and makes of laminate flooring available on the market today, but regardless of which type you have in your home, here are some tried and tested tips and tricks to keep your laminate flooring in showroom shape.

First Step

Sweep and vacuum to remove debris.

The most valuable step is also the easiest. Caring for your laminate floor starts with a regularly scheduled sweeping or vacuuming. Debris left on the floor can get caught underfoot or dragged around by a mop and cause scratches on the floor. Remember to use a vacuum with a hard floor attachment and not the beater bar.

Second Step

Mop Properly.

First of all, using the right mop is crucial. For laminate floors, a flathead microfiber mop is the best one because it keeps moisture out and is the easiest way to use a spray product. On the other hand, using a bucket filled with pine cleaners, lemon cleaners, oil soap, bleach or ammonia-based cleaners are not recommended for these floors because they don't leave a nice finish and can actually ruin the floor. When you do mop, make sure you mop in the direction of the grain to avoid the appearance of streaks.

Avoiding hazy floor horrors!

One of the worst issues facing laminate floor owners -- the haze. It is the equivalent to a cleaning horror movie. You clean and clean, but it just keeps reappearing, and it's practically impossible to get rid of.

So, what is the cause of this haze? You must use a laminate-approved product. Nothing else. Those soaps, oils, pine-based products are going to leave you laminate with that haze. If that happens, you should use a laminate cleaning spray and apply it with a microfiber mop.

Caring for your mops.

It's really important to clean them very frequently, but avoid using fabric softener because it clogs the fibers and ruins the whole microfiber situation. That fabric softener is just going to bring the haze back even if you're using that laminate-approved product.

Think ahead and protect your floor so that it will last and look gorgeous. Keep in mind that laminate floors don’t need to be waxed, polished, or refinished. It was designed to be durable and look shiny, so long as you take care of it properly.